Why use allVillas to book your holiday?

Our goal at allVillas is very simple. We provide an easy way for you to search a wide range of villas and holiday homes and find the best villa properties worldwide. Our holiday villa listings are advertised directly meaning that you are in contact with the person who knows most about the villa and how to get the most from you favourite holiday destination.

By booking directly you benefit from:

Personal Service

Receive a more personal service by booking directly with the chalet owner or manager. Each owner knows most about their property and how to best enjoy a villa holiday in the area. Who better to advise you about how to enjoy your holiday in their property than the owner themselves?

Value for Money

By booking direct you get the best value for money. A recent internet survey showed that holiday homes are on average 30% cheaper than booking a similar hotel. On top of that you have far more space than in a standard hotel. Holiday villa rentals are usually priced according to the property rather than by room so this makes them even more cost effective.

Enjoy a Flexible Villa Holiday

Because you are in contact with the owner or manager you can plan exactly what you need from your villa holiday. Checking in and out is not usually fixed like at a hotel, you can eat when you want (most of our villa rentals are self-catered), you are not stuck in the same restaurant each evening and you can plan your activities for the times that suit you best. Because each owner and villa manager will know the local area very well they can give you the best advice on booking flights and airport transfers and how to enjoy the surrounding area.

More room and options

Compared to hotels, a private villa or holiday home offers far more space and privacy. Why settle for a little room in a standard style in a boring hotel. All our rental properties are unique and each one is furnished individually. Use the search function to find the perfect property for your next villa holiday. We have villas on offer to cater for everything from romantic getaways, to beach holidays, to family holidays, to wine tasting tours. Check the photos to see the style of the property and choose from villas with pools, pet friendly villas, villas by the beach or whatever holiday villa option that you prefer.

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